Today’s Salad: Supercrunch!


It’s getting warm, which means it’s time for Today’s Salad!

Today’s salad is a precocious, super-crunchy combination iceberg lettuce, Upland cress, radicchio, celery, French radishes, Persian cucumbers, Kumato brown tomatoes, chopped up aged Beemster cheese, and crushed crunchy pita chips (from Waleed’s). The dressing is lime juice, white wine vinegar, honey mustard, white honey, extra virgin olive oil, kosher salt, and white pepper.

It was delicious and texturally fun. And great on a warm day!

Baby Yellow Beet Salad

Lovely organic beets make for a sexy salad!

A couple of days ago I bought a couple of bunches of beautiful yellow beets. I roasted them and lightly pickled them. I drizzled a very simple dressing of Hawaiian white honey, rice vinegar, and olive oil over the beets. I topped it off with some torn basil and some crumbles of a lovely, creamy chèvre (fresh goat cheese).

One of my very first posts concerned the roasting and pickling of baby beets. Have a look.

Roasted Beets Can’t Be Beat:


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