This blog is an attempt to create order in a chaotic world, to share with my “noble readers” the profundities of the epicurean, to fuse poetry and wit and style and….OH, WHO AM I KIDDING?!

I just like to cook and write and take some pictures. Usually I’ll write a recipe, but on occasion I don’t bother. I’ll share with y’all my thoughts about food and once in a while drag you behind the curtain into my personal world. Sometimes I’ll take you out to dinner with me and show you (somewhat fuzzy) pics of stuff I think you’d like to eat or maybe you should avoid. I hope you enjoy my posts and are occasionally inspired or enthused about what I do. I’m passionate about food and hope I can convey that through words and images.

I take all my photos with my iPhone. I dislike overly-studied or posed food shots. I prefer the immediacy of pics taken within moments of being cooked and seconds before being devoured. I am happy to sacrifice a little clarity in my photos, if I can show you how food looks “in the moment”.

Thanks for reading!

13 thoughts on “About OMNIVOROUS

  1. Hey Spencer…I went to Oak Grove and Lakeside with Sarah. I found your blog through Facebook. I stayed up for 3 hours last night reading tons of entries. Just wanted to give props for the food and the writing. I can’t wait to read more…

  2. hi spencer, how to i ‘subscribe’ 2 foodie friends (sister in law and sister) to the blog? it’s so awesome…can i send their emails?

    best, caroline

    • I think they’d have to check out the blog and “follow” themselves. Not sure if I can enter their emails, otherwise I suppose it might be considered unsolicited, and thusly SPAM. Please send them a link to my blog and suggest they follow! That’s the best way, I think. Thanks so much for following, Caroline! Hope you’re well.

  3. There isn’t a link to subscribe in the blog itself, but I went to ‘bookmark it’ and had an option to subscribe via google. Hope it works for others too!

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