My Laundromat

Last night, drawing on my experiences at the French Laundry, I made a multi-course meal inspired by my time spent there in the kitchen. It was a long, complicated menu, but I had a wonderful time trying to make it happen. My clients were delighted, and the dinner was a resounding success!

Seared foie gras de canard with cherry, toasted brioche, pistachio, and C.C. Brown hot fudge.

Chilled orange-flesh melon soup, to be poured over mint gelee with serrano ham.

“Oysters and Pearls” – kusshi oysters, sevruga, tapioca sabayon, vermouth beurre blanc.

I had to create this app “on the fly” for people who didn’t dig shellfish: crispy zucchini blossom with spicy pomodoro.

Testing the smoke effect for the applewood “smoke” short rib with horseradish cream.

Melon terrine, macadamia nut, coconut foam, cucumber, white honey dressing.

Moving fast, dressing the plates.

Why so serious?

Torchon de foie gras with plums, fennel, marcona almonds, brioche.

I didn’t get a shot of the completed dish of butter-poached lobster with corn puree.

Summer truffles for the homemade tagliatelle.

Cooking the tagliatelle!

The pasta was tossed with white truffle butter and creme fraiche.

Not quite finished: veal confit with purple potato puree, braised radish, zinfandel demi-glace.

Arctic char instead of veal, for the peskytarians. With roasted fig (courtesy Jen).

Fromage D’Affinois with honeycomb, truffle salt, cauliflower, rosemary kettle corn (courtesy Trevor).

I had the able assistance of many fine people including Nicole, Trevor, Alan, Mike R., Cezar, Veronika, Virginia, Chloe, Rochelle, Jody, Mike H., and a capable and energetic floor staff.

A special shout-out to K for her birthday. Also to J who asked me to make this fun, over-the-top, and ridiculously great meal with only three day’s notice!


4 thoughts on “My Laundromat

  1. Wow, wow and a double wowzer! Nice job, Spencer. Money well spent for your Laundry classes. I always liked the name of a laundromat in SF called The Missing Sock.Danette

  2. Wonderful! Can't wait to hear the breakdown of each dish. Love the incorporation of modern gastronomy techniques – that smoke producer sure looks like fun! Did you compress the melon both for the soup and terrine? I'm sure it will be in a separate post but what did you do for dessert course(s) and mignardises? Wine pairing?Truly inspiring post. Can't wait to discuss in person!

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