The French Laundry: Un Tres Beau Jardin

One of my most cherished experiences of the French Laundry Culinary Programme was a tour of their own fantastic garden, where they grow up to 30% of the produce utilized in the restaurant. In addition, that fine morning I was given a walk-through of the Peter Jacobson farm, a small plot just a quarter of a mile from the restaurant that provides some exclusive, unique, and utterly fantastic fruits and vegetables. I was shown the garden and farm by Aaron Keefer, a very bright and genial guy who farms the French Laundry garden.

I have a lousy head for plant names, and I took no notes, so I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Other than a few silly captions, I have no commentary. Enjoy.

The French Laundry garden is lovely at 8:00 AM.
The FL Lettuce patch.
The bantams feed on savoy cabbage!

A cucumber blossom, I think.
Gorgeous gold baby tomatoes.

Some kinda pumpkin.

Beet greens. Lots of beet greens.
A relative of the gooseberry, these ground cherries are delicious!
An unusual Andean tuber. Sounds amazing, must try to get my hands some.

Yet another Andean tuber, a bit like long jicama.
These lovely fairytale eggplants are delicious.
Brand new baby lettuces!
Itty bitty wittle gweens.

Gosh, I wish I had some idea what flower this is!
I forget the name, but this plant was remarkable. It tasted like sea beans crusted with beads of glass. Fascinating.
At Peter Jacobson’s farm, a perfect pear looks like forbidden fruit.

A pink pearl apple. Just unbelievably good — crisp, moist, tart, sweet, and beautiful.
Just an amazing breakfast! A peach of a peach!
A gorgeous Italian plum.
Lovely figs, not ripe yet unfortunately.
Stunning plums.
D’anjou or similar?

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