Buttery Boiled Baby Red Potatoes with Herbs

Little Red Spuds with Butter

Yep, it’s the 12th potato entry in my ongoing celebration of the spud! This recipe is so incredibly easy and satisfying. It’s the perfect accompaniment for meat roasts or poultry or fish. And it’s great in the colder months and the hotter months. Yesterday I served these with a beautifully boiled Maine lobster, also with a salad and some of the last decent corn of the year.

Basically I took sixteen baby red potatoes (just over a pound, I think) and peeled about 80-90% of the skin off. I like a little skin left on for color, nutrition, and textural difference. I put them into a pot with cold water covering at least an inch over the top of the potatoes. I brought them to a boil over high heat and then reduced the heat to medium-low, cooking them gently for about ten or fifteen minutes until “fork-tender”. Actually I used a paring knife to test the taters; the point of the blade should meet no serious resistance in the center of the potato. It should penetrate easily and withdraw just as easily.

I then drained the cooked potatoes in a colander. I let them rest for about five minutes in the colander to allow some more water to steam out of the potatoes. I added two tablespoons of softened Irish butter, one tablespoon finely minced chives, one teaspoon finely minced parsley, and one teaspoon finely minced cilantro. Also I added salt and pepper to taste. I stirred it all up to coat the potatoes evenly. They were delicious!

It’s amazingly easy to make an amazing potato!

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